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How Does Vibrant™ Help?
If you hit your finger with a hammer you might start shaking your hand and the pain diminishes. Vibrant™ mimics the shaking effect that can lead to health benefits such as pain reduction and increased productivity.

What is Vibrant’s advantage?
Vibrant doesn’t need to be in touch with the skin and it doesn’t need gel or sticky patches to function. Vibrant doesn’t have the usage restrictions that comes with TENS.

How often can I use it?
There are no specifics for using Vibrant. Users with different conditions respond differently to Vibrant. 

How do I maintain my device?
 A slightly wet cloth could be used to clean the braces. Please handle Vibrant devices with care avoid water as well as excessive heat and cold.

Is there a Warranty? 
Yes, all Vibrant devices have 1 year warranty.

What is the return policy?
Our policy lasts 30 days. To be eligible for a return, your item must be in good condition and a copy of your invoice or proof of purchase is required.

Can I recycle my device?
Yes, To recycle your device, please ship them to the address in our contact page. 

Why was Vibrant™ created?
Fueled by personal need and influenced by works of pioneers Prof. Ronald Melzack and Prof. Roland Staud, Vibrant was invented in 2012 by Iman Shafieloo. Since then NTI has focused on delivering data driven solutions that works for majority of people.

What is Pain-Gating?
There are all sorts of nerve cells in the human body; nerve cells that detect pain, and nerve cells that detect movement. They interact to deliver important messages to the brain. However, the nervous system prioritizes movement sensations over pain, because movement is more important for basic survival. So if both pain and movement signals are being sent to the brain at the same time, the movement signals are received whereas the pain signals may not be registered. For more information about pain gating click here and here.

Who should I contact for support?
Please call us toll free at 1 855 584 2726 or email: support@vibrant.me